FateHeart tribute: Cataphract FH-00 'Gungnir'
And it's time for the official and final presentation of my FateHeart tribute!

If you do not know who fateheart is, I suggest you take the time and read up on the initial presentation post of my work in progress, detailing the who, what and why of this.

I've taken the time over the weekend to finalize the details and weaponry of this build (after a few minor setbacks and a major delay in getting the parts I had ordered >__<' ), and I must say, the results are far more impressive that I had ever anticipated! I've finally decided to name it 'Gungnir', after the almighty Odin's sacred spear. Makes for a cool name and has quite the meaning behind it too! ^_^

The Ldraw model is now live both in my Lego Gallery, under the 'Cataphracts' section and over at my Sketchfab WebGL gallery for your viewing and consultation pleasure.

Surprisingly, the build is very stable: I almost knocked it down by inadvertently kicking my workstation's leg (which hurt the living hell out of me...), and the damn thing kept on standing at full stance, without flinching a single millimetre.

I leave you to the latest pictures of the finalized physical model and hope for your continued support and appreciation!