G1 Swoop Custom - For all the Transformers fans!

Well, it's been quite the exciting week, as I've taken the time to reconsider the prospect of making actual Transformers, and I must say, the outcome is quite pleasant!

I worked over the past weekend on the different possible scales that such models could take, and found myself, yet again, making micro-scale configurations: seemingly, the format does lend itself to much detail if you get the hang of building with depicting those very details that make the model you are trying to render in mind.

I give you today, my second transformer: G1 Swoop (Custom) - one of the Dinobots.

It comes complete with a Gatling rifle, and a beam sword, each hilted to its upper shins/knees for easy deployment in robot mode.

Once again, and like all my other models, you can access the Swoop 3D model either through my +Sketchfab online 3D gallery or by visiting my Lego portfolio page, under the Transformers section.

Follow the links to the instructions and to the parts list detailing the quantity and exact colors used in this build.