VF-25 'Messiah' - Ozma Edition Custom

What is there not to like about Lego and Macross? Right? Even better when you know that the Macross creator, Shōji Kawamori actually uses Lego as the conceptual basis for all his Veritechs!!!

As an example, here is the latest footage regarding an interview with Kawamori-sama and the concept model he created for the latest YF-30 'Chronos' Veritech, out of Lego.

Being an all time fan of the series, and having replicated quite a few Veritech models myself (notably the VF-1, YF-19 and YF-22), I set out to create the VF-25 'Messiah'.

This build, unlike my others, is based off a smaller scale, provided the extensive amount of articulation and clearance needed for the various transformation modes. The model is now at revision 4.1 and I don't think I will be modifying it anymore, anytime soon... unless I decide to make the super armor packs for it at some point.

Well here it is! Enjoy. ^_^