Heavy Gears redesigned

To continue with the trend I've started by standardizing my Mobile Suit models and the Armored Cores, I am now following up with the Heavy Gear series.

As per the previous post, any discontinued or incredibly rare part/colour combination has been removed to prevent the impossibility of gathering the necessary parts to build any of those units, thus facilitating the creation of a prototype (at some point) and eventually having them made as custom sets.

I think I am quite fond of the dark bluish grey/black with high accent highlights, thus I chose to redesign the Heavy Gears into their elite 'Black Talon' counterparts, rather than staying with the desert sand camouflage scheme they originally had.

Like any good redesign, time is only well spent when something truly unique emerges from the time spent working on something. In this case, many things were improved, overall, and applied to each of the builds.

Notably, the whole foot assembly has been redesigned to abide to the actual gear roller system design. The foot now has two completely independent sets of drives (front + back), the front toes are able to independently adjust both in height and pitch according to the surface they are on. Overall, the foot now also has two separate rolling axis, one at the ankle and another at the foot's arch, enabling for grater articulation, posability and foot stances.

Also, the torso hatches have been redesigned! In this case, the idea was to configure the parts assembly in a less awkward manner, and that could also double as two separate hatch configurations, provided a minimum parts change. Hence, the first, split-hatch design was made by adding parts in the same manner the whole torso/cockpit assembly was initially prepared. From then on, it was a matter of isolating the required points and configuring different hinge points to permit the hatch to open up in the new forward-deployable fashion we have seen in the more recent gear models.

You can see here, for comparison's sake, Both the Cheetah and Cheetah MK II models side by side, and both hatch types. The second type is achieved by replacing and/or moving up to 8 parts only within the hatch assembly.

As always, you can either go to the Heavy Gear Lego gallery, right here on my blog or head over to my +Sketchfab gallery to have a look at my work in WebGL 3D, right on your browser.

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