Blog redesign and more goodies
Hey there everyone!

It's been a while that I've actually posted anything consistent and I am going to make up for it greatly with this post. ^_^

To start, the blog template has been completely rebuilt and optimized to enable faster loading times and to provide a better mobile and responsive browsing experience.

In doing so, the code was cleaned up to make way for an upcoming update to the bread and butter of this website: the Lego model gallery. It currently uses the Sketchfab embedded viewer to showcase a live WebGL preview of all my uploaded models.

As much as I like it and as good as it may seem, it remains a hindrance in properly using WebGL to its full potential in combination with the LDraw parts database to get the full effect online, and let me explain...

The current models you can see are actually exports of the LDView rendered LDR and or MPD file formats to 3DS, which are then uploaded to my Sketchfab gallery and parsed by their servers. The big downside to this method is that by exporting the models, you cannot retain all of the information that makes an LDraw model an LDraw model. You then can't manipulate any of the parts effects and properties which come as standard when using the non exported format, such as outlining the parts, changing their shading or enabling other cool features which are part of the LDraw format specification. Also, rather than keeping a rather slim profile, the files do blow up to a massive average of 20Mb+, rather than stay within the kilobyte range...

Other than that, it seems that the exports are not perfect as they do not normalize some primitives and faces properly, this resulting in flipped segments and surfaces on the model which show up as black faces, rather than keeping their assigned colors, which is less than aesthetically pleasing. >_< So the idea is to implement a clean, real WebGL solution, based off the same methods used to actually parse, edit and render LDraw files, but having that done through a web based framework, that uses the parts database. Hopefully, all the goodies will be finalized for your browsing pleasure by the end of this month! The site will continue it's revamping process with minor adjustments to the mobile and responsive views until I am satisfied with the overall result. ^_^ In the meantime, I was able to finish modelling the latest Skeletal Assault Pod, the SAP-03T 'Oryx', which is now available to view through the newly revamped Lego Gallery Page.


View Skeletal Assault Pods model gallery