New mecha on the drawing board
Hello everybody,

These past weeks have been quite entertaining as I've been busy producing yet another mecha series for your eyes to feast on and for your hearts to desire! >.<

This new set of models (which has yet to be given a name) is in fact inspired by some of Andrea Chiapella's recent builds. I've found them most attractive and unique in their slender sharpness and aggressive stance, and that is what pushed me to grab some of that and apply it to these models, while staying true to my SNOT building method.

The approach chosen to style these mecha models digs deep into the original japanese mecha universe of rapid, slender, tactically phenomenal protagonist robots you can largely see in most anime, and I'm quite sure that if you are reading this now, it's because you also dig it as much as I do. ^_^

So far I've managed to build a couple of these bots using the same basic frame: it is highly stable and provides many joints for super-posability and also includes a minifig cockpit with deployable back/hatch.

The front plating is tapered and configured into a wedge like setting to give it a sharp, aggressive yet more human feel and look.

Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more (maybe a third one coming to a blog near you (minifig not included)... ^_^ )


You can now find the rendered LDRaw models under the lego gallery tab or by following this link to the Skeletal Assault Pods gallery+Sketchfab viewers included!