Orbital Frames - The rebuild

Amongst the hectic schedule I have that splits me into a billion pieces to attend to everything I do (Job/Freelance/Activities and Lego amongst other things....) I am still alive and well, lurking in the shadows and making beautiful things happen with old models of mine :)

For those of you you have been following my posts around Google+, you're well aware of the things revolving around Lego/Ldraw that I've been doing, including the last part of a tutorial series on advanced LDraw editing using the Sketchfab platform (found here and here) and, a new update project I'm working on: Orbital Frames.

I've built Jehuty and Anubis way back in 2006-2007 and had not updated the models much ever since then.

A couple months back, I decided I'd want to overhaul those models completely, and I started with Jehuty, rebuilding it almost from scratch, re-articulating and planning out the whole frame and updating it with newer parts, a colour scheme that reflects the cool new parts that are available and making it look as bad-ass as ever! ^_^ I've also made sure to address all the issues I had previously uncovered with building my Strike Gundam model and applying all those build updates wherever applicable to these two units as well.

Jehuty has been completed well over two weeks ago, and I almost immediately started Anubis' overhaul using the newly built Jehuty as a frame base to facilitate the changes.

Anubis is a whole new kind of challenge given the width of what we could call his 'shoulders' Giving it a subtly imposing presence as an Orbital Frame.Part of that was finding a way to render the chest plating in the most accurate way possible.

Newer available parts have made the process much easier than anticipated, you can also see that the head and hands have benefited those welcome additions.

For now here's what Anubis looks like - I'll be posting more updates as the rebuild evolves.

If you haven't done so yet, make sure to go by the +Sketchfab blog under the tutorials section and have a read about LDraw modelling methods and virtual Lego model editing!